We caught up with the presenters of RadioReverb’s HIV Hour to get the lowdown on the show.

Who is involved in the show and how did you all meet?

We are Sue, Josh and Carl and we’re all involved with presenting the show. We all met from using HIV services in Brighton.

Why did you start the show?

The show first started in October 2015. We wanted to challenge some of the negative thinking that many people living with HIV hold about themselves.

The show is a platform for people living with HIV – we want our audience to play a major role in the output and direction of the show.

HIV Hour and RadioReverb work in conjunction with Work Positive, a Terrence Higgins Trust project, offering a voluntary placement each year to a participant who’s on the project. They’ll learn everything involved with Community Radio from presenting to producing and editing the show.

Tell us, in your own words, the importance of educating people on HIV.

Educating people about HIV and the new medical advances is key. We want to encourage people to get tested and learn about the medication required to stop the virus from being transmitted. Knowledge about how to not pass the virus on is key to people knowing they can still have a normal life even if they have contracted HIV.

Why is there still a stigma surrounding HIV?

Some people think HIV happens ‘in other communities’. It’s seen as something that happens to other people. And some people still think it’s still a death sentence, which has created a massive (and unfounded) fear of being test.

What advice would you give to a young person who is considering using a drug like Prep?

Our take on Prep is that it should be accessible to all who need it. Unfortunately, most people who need it will have to fund it themselves until it becomes available on the NHS.

We would recommend visiting the Terrence Higgins Trust website to get more information and where they can purchase it.

Where can people find out more information about HIV?

There are many places people can find information about HIV. The best places to start are The Terrence Higgins Trust, The Sussex Beacon and the National AIDS Trust.

And when and where can we catch the show?

The show is recorded every week, it goes out on Thursday at 7pm, Monday at 4pm and Tuesday at 12pm on Radio Reverb.

We’re always looking for great stories and interviews from people who are affected by HIV.

97.2fm DAB+


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