Rising star Catherine Bohart is bringing her second solo show, Lemon, to Brighton’s Komedia on 8 Feb. You may know her dulcet tones from podcast The Guilty Feminist, a particularly successful run at the Edinburgh Fringe and as finalist of Funny Women.

As a bisexual woman with OCD who’s the daughter of a Catholic deacon, Bohart’s first show was a show about her identity. Lemon, however, acts as a response to an audience member’s disgust of that first show. She tells us, “Lemon is my second show, and it’s been so fun to do so far. I did it at Edinburgh and Soho Theatre and it feels like it’s finally in my bones. The show is largely about love, sex and relationships from the perspective of a bi woman who dates a lesbian and has a mum who loves to talk about sex. (spoiler: I’m the woman)”

Bohart come out 12 years ago in Ireland, when society looked a lot different to now and was far less accepting of the LGBTQ+ community. So it’s amazing to have bisexuality at the heart of her show, especially as it works to combat bierasure, which is a huge issue in both straight and gay communities.

“Straight people and gay people alike will often prefer to live without the ambiguity of bi or pansexuality. I used to use gay and bi interchangeably to describe myself but I’m really trying not to anymore.”

It’s interesting to hear – many people in our community are guilty of not giving bisexuality the respect its due. “I also get messages from people who came out after seeing my show, and have tables full of women in clubs shout out when I ask if there’s any bis in – there’s also a whole lot of us who need to feel seen.”

And it goes further than that even, “post-Brexit, people feel emboldened in their hatred for sure. But the queer community and our allies are also louder than we’ve ever been.”

It’s heart-warming to see that time and time again in Brighton: the allyship between different tribes often so prevalent. We see a touching unity of people across a wide spectrum in this part of the country. Bohart agrees, telling me, “we still have a long way to go, especially for our trans counterparts to be seen and treated with respect. I’m tremendously proud of the queer community – we’ve changed the world. That’s incredible.”

This sense of community we see in our city is a big reason we can enjoy Lemon in February. “I love Brighton. It’s a stunning, vibrant, beautiful place to be, so I’ll go on any excuse. As it happens, the Komedia is also one of my favourite venues in the country because they put on a lot of comedy so the people who come to shows there are comedy savvy and always up for a good time.”

Yeah, that sums up Brighton.

Catherine Bohart brings Lemon to Brighton Komedia on Sat 8 Feb.


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