Who is involved in the STARE project?

Photographers Lucy Le Brocq & Veronika Teo and illustrator Hazel McCoubrey.

Tell us a bit about how you started working together on STARE?

Hazel approached Lucy and asked if she’d be interested in doing an exhibition together, and Lucy mentioned a project she had been working on about body hair. Lucy had initially been inspired by Veronika’s body hair and her battle with society’s expectation of how she should look. It’s a contentious issue that we wanted to explore further and challenge current beauty standards.

What’s STARE all about?

Female body hair! STARE is about opening up a conversation and encouraging acceptance of the body hair of anyone who identifies as female. We all grew our body hair for several months and documented the experience.

Why is it important to show female body hair in an exhibition like this?

Many women feel they have lost control when it comes to choosing what to do with their body hair. We wanted to offer a new perspective, to support and encourage women to question the possibility of accepting their body hair without feeling ashamed or ‘less feminine’.

What can we expect from you over the summer?

In this first exhibition STARE lead us to examine ourselves and our own relationships with our bodies, we want to take the project further by creating work incorporating more people and pushing the boundaries by showing a spectrum of different types of body hair.

We have also created a Kickstarter to get our friends and supporters to help us fund our next exhibition. We hope to take STARE on tour, so stay tuned for more locations to be announced!

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