We caught this show, brought to us by Gemini Pole Studio, this May as part of Brighton Fringe. It was down on Middle Street, at SweetWerks Brighton, a multi-faceted venue with a jam-packed Fringe program.

A brand new original pole circus style show, a cast of five told a story about the different forms of pole fitness, questioning whether it’s about being strong or about being sexy. Impressively, without any dialogue, it was all revealed through movement on the two-pole stage.

The show was short and sweet at 45 minutes long, though I’m sure it felt a little longer for the performers, as their high-octane show told the story of a person torn between two different pole styles.

Is pole about showing your muscle strength? Or is it about strutting around in sexy killer-heels?

The show began with two strong, muscular types, wowing the audience with powerful lifts and tricks. Their two β€˜rivals’ then lit up the stage with suggestive moves and flexible spins and splits.

The performers engaged the crowd in laugh, as each two-person team battled the other. Space on the stage was limited, but the performers really made this work by getting quite hilariously up close and personal with each other!

Star of the show was the performer stuck between both teams, being pulled (at times literally!) from one end of the pole fitness spectrum to the other.

Certainly a night to remember, it was a great insight into a diverse, acrobatic sport and performance art. A discipline steadily growing in popularity.

The show is up for the People’s Choice Award at this year’s Fringe, and pole dance fitness and flexibility classes are available at Gemini Pole Studio.


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