Want to feel less dead inside?

Perhaps Haunted at Brighton Fringe can help.

Podcasting pair, Jane and Steph from Cumbria, present an all-new deliciously dark comedy sketch show. Expect surreal humour, as these two are known for their downright weird breed of comedy.

The show is set in a haunted theatre with themes that you might, or might not expect. Think the paranormal, feminism, space travel, magic, stand up comedy and… the really mundane.

Wondering exactly what on earth is going on?

Well, Jane is a multi-comedy award finalist. And, as impressively, she wrote for Stemme last year ahead of last year’s Fringe show, Last Night at the Circus. She’s teamed up with fellow Cumbrian comedian Steph Bradshaw to invite you to a new deliciously dark comedy sketch show.

Jane explains,

“Haunted to us is not only ghosts but a state of mind. We wanted to use what annoys us to spark ideas so the sketches feature dealing with sexism, mansplaining and what’s expected of us as women. Plus, we become strange magicians, have a live paranormal podcast and some there are other surreal situations.”

So, if you have a dark sense of humour and want to support riotous feminist comedy, head to Junkyard Dogs from 15 – 18 May.

Find out more

Haunted Poster

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