How was King Frankie ‘created’?

A late night phone call with Mzz Kimberley. We had done a drag king/drag queen act together in the nineties. When I suggested doing Frank Sinatra she enthusiastically endorsed it, by booking me for a gig in two weeks! We went to Brixton Market to buy a trilby!

What drew you to Frank Sinatra, rather than any other performer?

As a child, I loved Frank Sinatra so I did some background checks; I didn’t want any dodgy skeletons crashing out of closets. I discovered that he was a really cool guy. Bankrolled by the mafia. He was an anti-racist, involved in the fledgeling Civil Rights Movement in the USA and he slept with all the beautiful women he could. A bad boy with a golden voice. Just like me.

Describe the early days – trying him out, creating an act/character?

I hit the ground running with an open mic spot at Bar Wotever at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern and Mzz Kimberley had booked me for a gig at The Glory. I already knew most of his songs, so I just had to pick my favourites.

Where have you performed?

The list is too long to name them all; highlights have been L Fest, London Pride and Amsterdam Pride.

Describe a ‘typical’ King Frankie set

There isn’t one. I adapt each show for the audience and environment – he has been known to morph into Sid Vicious and Freddie Mercury! He always sings live.

The best thing about performing as a Drag King?

The camaraderie with other Kings.

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