We are excited to announce ‘Beyond’ the first regular transgender fundraising event ever! 

Originating in Brighton the event showcases trans artists and performers including our queer allies too! Much like the many regular gay and queer events dotted around the country, ‘Beyond’ is finally putting trans people first and supporting a community struggling to be seen or heard! 

With hugely under-resourced services trans people face enormous adversities when attempting to access support services, often waiting years before even receiving an initial assessment. This process can impact enormously on an individual’s psychological health and well being. With a sense of urgency, it isn’t uncommon for trans people to attempt to facilitate their own medical transition, self-medicating with hormones and raising surgery costs through online fundraisers. 

Gender reassignment surgery can cost thousands which can present as a huge challenge for people already struggling with a multitude of inequalities within our society.

‘Beyond’ is a non-profit, community event by the trans community for the trans community. The team is made up of a group of creative individuals who are passionate about fighting for change and wish to create a space of celebration and solidarity as well as raising as much money as possible for people who desperately need our support.

On Sat 19 Jan 2019, hosted at The Marlborough Pub & Theatre, the launch will include a solo exhibition by Samo ‘Exploring the Body and Transitions’ as well as live music, poetry, DJ’s and drag performances from some of the UK’s biggest names!

So far our confirmed drag performers include Alfie Ordinary, Rococo Chanel, Fruit, Dick Day, Tayris Mongardi, Psychofag and more…

Live music and poetry acts include Mèfi, Aoife Balfe, Chuck SJ, Sebastian Causton, and DJs Liz Ridgway and Jumeau. 

Find out more:


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