Fat Cabaret is a fat-positive performance night which features fat burlesque, fat singers, fat drag artists, fat spoken word performers and fat comedians. The night is jointly run by me, as the host of the show, and Rosie Blackwell-Sutton (Kingdom, Queerdom), the show’s producer. Together we curate the show, picking out favourite fat performers and the two shows we’ve created so far have had an astonishing range of talent.

Being fat on stage is a radical act. Fat people are taught that people would rather not look at them and their bodies. Fat people are starved of representation on stage and finally seeing it, and seeing a whole bill of it, is incredibly moving and uplifting.

As the host of Fat Cabaret, I quite often find myself sitting in the audience enjoying the show so much I forget I am meant to be the compere and need to get back up on stage or the show won’t continue.

Some of my personal highlights have included a wonderful debut performance from Chub Rub as one of our open spots, Smashlyn Monroe as magic dyke giving me a surprise lap dance, and often having to fill in time while acts get ready or while cream/cake/hot dogs/broken glass is cleared off the stage. I always inevitably end up shouting about fat rage.

Our audiences are just incredible. Both of our shows have sold out and we’ve often felt like we’re going for the record for the most fat people crammed into one small theatre. The response we’ve had to Fat Cabaret has shown us that there is clearly a huge and greedy appetite for a show like this, and we have big ambitions to take it further afield.

And, of course, we have a secret wish list of dream fat performers we are hoping to bring to our stage in the near future… cough, Sophie Hagen, cough.  

Check out Fat Cabaret on Facebook

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