Brighton and Hove LGBT Switchboard launched their new brand and logo this month, aiming to give clarity to how they support local LGBTQ people. The charity has been a prominent force in the Brighton & Hove LGBT community, but some people aren’t aware of the scope of their services.

Speaking to CEO, Daniel Cheesman, he told us, “Last summer we engaged with the local LGBTQ communities through the ‘Your Switchboard needs you campaign’. It was clear that whilst people were aware of the long, 43-year history of Switchboard, there was sense of not being sure of what we offer, other than the helpline.”

Daniel CEO

Switchboard is rolling out their new logo and brand over the coming weeks in the lead up to the summer and the various outreach events including Brighton Pride and Trans Pride. Daniel added, “we have worked with a volunteer on devising the new brand and logo. We didn’t want to spend money on paying someone to do this at a time when charity funds are increasingly needed to finance our front line services.”

The team wondered if they should change the name of the charity too, because of its etymological link to the helpline. There’s such a lot of projects that Switchboard manage and curate. “We are very proud of the 43 years of service that the charity has provided to the community and the trust that comes along with this legacy. As such, we felt it was important to keep our name. Instead we are confident that our website, communications and logo will help us tell our story and communicate our offer in a more coherent and relevant way.”

Having listened to feedback from all walks of our community, the new logo and brand aim to highlight all Switchboard projects under the new tagline ‘connecting you to LGBTQ support’. Daniel continues, “We want to tell people that Switchboard is a charity for LGBTQ people looking for a sense of community, support or information. We support them directly through specially developed services, or link them to other organisations.”

Daniel continued, “connecting people to LGBTQ support is what we do, whether this is through our general or Trans Survivors helpline or one of our LGBTQ-specific projects including the Health and Inclusion Project, Older LGBTQ Project, LGBTQ Disability Project and the Rainbow Cafe for those living with dementia. We are clearer about communicating what we do and how it supports and aligns with other organisations in the city.”

To find out more about Switchboard visit switchboard.org.uk

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