Image by Andy Hollingworth

TW – this review touches on themes of mental health, suicide and more.

Last Night at the Circus – 5*

A brand new original comedy show, Jane talks us through a thoroughly personal tale, questioning whether she is in fact, sabotaging her own success. Jane was previously a resident of the Brighton & Hove area herself, so clearly feels right at home returning to the stage at Brighton festival.

The blackness of the Theatre Box venue makes the perfect setting for the circus-themed, raw show, which was inspired from a truly dark time in Jane’s life.

The show is an hour long, one-woman affair, scattered with props and visual projections, gripping the audience from start to finish.

Jane explains how her life took a significant turn, from living with her partner by the seaside, having a stable office job, to being a single woman in her 30s, living with her parents with no guaranteed income.

‘A brain that’s trying to kill you’: Jane explains how this horrible reality can feel and talks us through the journey of living with the symptoms of bipolar, through to the side effects of medication to control her condition.

Jane manages to really make the crowd laugh, despite the gloomy subject of this show: no rock is left unturned as mental health, self-help and even suicide are discussed more frankly than I’ve ever heard in a show, particularly a comedy one!

Mental health is such an important issue and needs to be talked about more in order to help those suffering to reach out and seek help. Jane is innovatively using comedy to open up this discussion and we hope others follow suit.

Last Night at the Circus ends with an extremely vital reminder, to take of our own mental health, as well as looking out for others around us who may be struggling. As we left the venue, we were handed a sheet from Grassroots Suicide Prevention, a local Brighton charity which focuses on mental health.

If you get a chance to catch this show elsewhere, don’t miss out! I can’t wait to experience whatever Jane has up her sleeve for next year.


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