Bourgeois & Maurice: Style Over Substance – A 10-Year Retro Speculative – 5*

In the glamorous surroundings of the Brighton Spiegeltent, iconic cabaret duo Bourgeois and Maurice take to the stage to celebrate their 10 (and a half, but that’s not as catchy) year anniversary show. Having seen them a few times before, we knew what to expect from the show – catchy, politically charged satirical songs, outrageous outfits and sharp banter – and they didn’t disappoint.

To kick off the show, the pair got ‘naked’, both stripping down to skin tight, sparkly bodysuits (which also showed off Maurice’s heavily pregnant belly… or maybe it was just wind?) before powering through numbers about Brexit (imagining European countries as deviants at a piss up), Chem Sex parties and… Tax.

Bourgeois & Maurice have a cult following and didn’t disappoint, singing all their biggest hits to an audience that were gleefully singing along.

Songs were seamlessly woven together with off the cuff banter between the pair, which highlights the friendship between the two. Some of the biggest laughs came from Maurice’s one-liners delivered in her usual apathetic tone, which contrasts nicely with Bourgeois’ much more lively, outrageous energy.

We were treated to a show exclusive spoken word piece, a new take on their song If You Don’t Know What To Do With Your Life – which added a brilliant comical level to the already funny song.

There were costume changes aplenty, but the best came when Bourgeois appeared in an overly ruffled regal coat before singing their version of the new national anthem – British Values, with the duo both adorned in capes made from UK flags.

The audience, ourselves included, were thrilled that the incomparable pair came on for an encore, which included their most famous song, Ritalin, as Bourgeois bounced around the Spiegeltent in a bright pink body stocking and Maurice showed off her skills on the piano once again.

Style over Substance is a hilarious show that isn’t scared to point out the absurdities of modern human life – jokes about Theresa May sit alongside hard facts about queer venues closing. Bourgeois & Maurice take a uniquely satirical look at right-wing politics and leave you feeling fired up about making a change in the world.

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