We love Brighton Fringe and Brighton Festival at Stemme Magazine – there’s nothing like Festival season in the city. We’ve had a virtual flick through the listings to pick out our queer highlights so you don’t have to spend hours looking through more than 800 events!

All tickets are available at brightonfringe.org or brightonfestival.org


A Robot In Human Skin

A Robot In Human Skin

11, 12 May

The Marlborough Theatre

Award-nominated Nicole Henriksen presents the follow-up to her critically-acclaimed theatre debut. Henriksen is known for tackling difficult subjects with grace and wit, and A Robot In Human Skin is no exception. It’s a fresh, truthful and heartfelt look at mental health and the ways we treat and understand it.

Before I Step Outside

Before I Step Outside (You Love Me)

12 May

Brighthelm Centre

An evening of black trans poetics with one of the UK’s leading trans voices. Combining spoken word with soundscapes, projections and animation in collaboration with Daniel Braithwaite Shirley, Travis Alabanza presents a feature performance from the acclaimed debut book.



19, 20 May

The Marlborough Theatre

Fancy a roller-coaster, time-travel ride about sex and gender? From the ancient past, where our hermaphrodite ancestors enjoyed the gender-free life, to the present, where harsh binary seems to be dominating. What could the future hold? Mamoru Iriguchi helps teenagers swim in the incredible fluid ocean of gender.



22 – 25 May

The Old Market

Oh look, Sh!t Theatre are back. Known for their multi award-winning, politically-conscious, sell-out shows, this time they have a bold new show about country legend Dolly Parton. It’s also about cloning, branding, immortality and death.

Brownton Abbey

Brownton Abbey

25 May

Brighton Dome Concert Hall

For this pastoral performance party, celestial being from queer dimensions will transform Brighton Dome into a kaleidoscopic off-world temple. Congregate with your fam, drench yourself in contemporary ritual, and get transcendental on the dance floor!

Sass, Sex and Surrealness

Sass, Sex and Surrealness

25 May, 1 June

Latest Music Bar

How can one be sassy, sexy and surreal? The trans masc bear cub of the drag scene, Sammy Silver shows you exactly how through talk, song, video and dance.



31 May – 2 June

Purple Playhouse Theatre

Are you black or white… Girl or boy… Straight or gay? Well? Or doesn’t it matter? Oh, it matters! Purple Theatre explore the world of race and gender neutrality, the ‘no man’s land’ of identity. Boxes drops you into the world of two people, faced with the task of organising a loved one’s affairs.

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