Brighton has been blessed in recent years with more drag and queer events popping up across the city and Queerdom is the latest of those to open its doors, upstairs at the Caroline of Brunswick every other month.

An idea born by Rosie Blackwell-Sutton and partner Lauris Day (producers of drag king night, Kingdom), Queerdom will bring together a whole range of queer performers for a variety-filled night embracing all art forms. We caught up with Rosie to talk about why she wanted to get Queerdom up and running:

“I am so excited by the drag scene in Brighton at the moment, it has truly blossomed and grown. When we started Kingdom back in 2014, it was hard to find other drag shows (especially ones with kings in!), but now there’s something on pretty much every week. With Queerdom we wanted to spread our wings a little and give opportunities to other performers who don’t necessarily do drag. As soon as we announced the night we had queer musicians thanking us!”

Queerdom Sea Sharpe

So what exactly can we expect from a Queerdom show? Well, Rosie tells us a bit of everything!

“Our first show has two spoken word artists – Sea Sharp and Sebastian Causton, short films from the queer strand of the Oska Bright Film Festival and of course drag (we couldn’t stay away!) from Tayris Mongardi, Violet Valentine and Max Legroom. Over the next few shows, we’ll be having some burlesque, comedy, live music and more! We don’t really want to limit the type of performance we can have at Queerdom – so if you have some weird idea that you’ve conjured up in your bedroom that you’d like to perform, get in touch!”

Queerdom will be hosted by Sammy Silver, one of the leading drag kings in the UK. He told us why he thinks Queerdom needed to happen:

“Queer visibility is always important and showcasing and celebrating a queer cast needs to be done more. It’s also going to be a great opportunity to meet more queers and network, especially for me as I’m quite new to Brighton. It’s also exciting to have a drag king hosting a show, it’s quite a rare occurrence for that to happen.”

With the first Queerdom recently done, Rosie is already thinking about the future and what she hopes the show will achieve:

“Bringing together all these wonderful queer people and queer performers is going to be exciting! I hope we can help facilitate some new collaborations, friendships and ideas. We want to keep the venue open after the show to allow our audience to chill out with the performers, talk about their acts and share thoughts and ideas.

“I think it’s quite rare to have this kind of show on a Saturday night. I guess we’re kind of offering an alternative to your typical ‘going-out-getting-smashed’ Saturday night. Personally, I hate going ‘out-out’ so in a way I’m creating the space I wish I’d always had growing up – somewhere to see great performances with some super cool people!”

Queerdom takes place on the last Saturday of every other month, the next shows are on 28 April and 30 June.


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