Annabelszki invites the broken-hearted of Brighton & Hove in for a consultation: the Professional Breakup Artist will see you now…

Comedian, MC, Stemme writer and now professional breakup artist, Annabelszki takes us on a journey through the highs, lows and downright hilarity of the eternal struggle of seeking, finding – and inevitably losing – the woman of your dreams, from Fri 25 – Sun 27 May.

Be gently guided through the ridiculous scenarios that the search for love and Ms Right (or just a good hard…) can entail. This lauded show is an energetic and comedic poetic voyage, which explores the absolute minefield that is the lesbian dating scene. Covering love, lust, dating and breakups, expect audience interaction, sexual references, video advice, musical interludes and a unique use of props!

Professional Breakup Artist toured successfully in 2017, including performances at Women in Comedy Festival (Manchester), LFest and Lesbian Lives Conference (Brighton University). 2018 dates include the International Gay Theatre Festival Dublin (IGTFD) and the Edinburgh Fringe.

“A refreshing take on being a lesbian and what to expect from a partner, using original comedy and poetry to tantalise and shock everyone into hysterical fits of laughter.” – Remote Goat

“I went to see Annabelszki’s Professional Breakup Artist show last night – absolutely brilliant! Her tales of lost love, lust and things left behind were spun with poetic verve and a seamless blend of outrageously inspired stand-up comedy!” – Audience Testimonial

The show is 18+, as it contains strong language and sexual themes.

More information & tickets

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