Our six-session course has finished. Our last meeting, held last Thursday, was a great one to finish on. We’re around three weeks from our quit dates now and it was great to hear the progress of the other attendees.

Out of the three of us, I was the only one to slip, which is a testament to the course and the people in attendance. I had been at the pub with old friends – ones I grew up with and started smoking with – and had forgotten to not smoke. It might sound weird that I forgot to not smoke, but kicking a habit I’ve had for nearly half my life, it was actually easy to head outside and light up without thinking about it. I looked down about halfway through and realised what I was doing and actually managed to put it out and vape instead. I was dreading admitting it, but glad I did as the whole group were super supportive. We’ve been taught not to see slip-ups as failures, instead as a success as we’ve come so far. Discussing it, I realised these sessions have made me look at smoking in such a different way.

Because of the nature of addiction, we’re not quite finished. There are another two sessions coming up: one in three weeks and another which will mark 12 weeks since our quit dates. As with any habit you’re trying to stop, there’s a chance that when we become comfortable in ourselves as non-smokers we’ll go back to it. That’s why it’s great Simon and the team are just a phone call or email away.

Update coming soon…

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