It’s not always easy finding a decent club night in our community, especially one where you can still dance to music with guitars! Enter Pink Glove, a queer disco born in a Dalston dungeon, back in 2014. Originally planned as a one-off event, club-goers demanded DJs Pencil Skirt and Seductive Barry made it a more regular occasion and it is now held bi-monthly, usually at a venue in East London.  Luckily for us here on the sunny south coast, Pink Glove is heading to Brighton for a dirty bank holiday weekend, with a party at Komedia on Saturday 5 May.

You’ll enjoy girl rock classics and faggy indie tunes from times gone by, with the added benefit of the kind of safe, gay friendly environment, which was a lot harder to find when this music first arrived on the scene. Gays, lesbians, bisexuals and allies are all set to welcome DJs Heidi Heelz & Seductive Barry at this Brighton event, spinning indie tunes and genre-spanning guitar hits from artists old and new.

First and foremast this night is about indie music, but you can be sure you’ll hear a few crowd pleasers from other genres too. Be sure to make the most of your long weekend by hitting this party and giving Pink Glove a warm welcome!

Expect to hear hits from Alanis Morisette, Arcade Fire, Ash, Belly, Bikini Kill, Bowie, B-52s, The Cure, The Clash, Camera Obscura, Dandy Warhols, Dream Wife, Franz Ferdinand, Garbage, The Hives, Hole, Iggy Pop, Kate Bush, Kenickie, The Kills, Joy Division, The Julie Ruin, LCD Soundsystem, Le Tigre, Manic Street Preachers, The Smiths, The Long Blondes, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Menswear, Suede, Siouxsie, Nirvana, and many more!

So get those NHS specs on, find your best Elastica t-shirt and head down… it’s what Jarvis would have wanted!

Check out the event page here


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