Brighton’s first fierce and fabulous showcase of femme queen talent, Female Trouble is the brainchild of Stella Pint (KINGDOM, King of the Fringe, Short & Girlie Show) and Alpha Bites (Bristol Burlesque Festival, Lipsync for Your Life, ).

Clocking over 30 years’ experience in performing and producing events in London and Brighton between them, do not miss Female Trouble at Komedia on Thurs 29 March.

“It goes without saying drag queens are drag queens, but in this society of labels we wanted to make space for performers who identify with femme drag. The show involves a mix of experienced and new femme drag queens. We give the audience the opportunity to buy Bites Bucks for tipping so they can redirect that patriarchal money to the queens.”

This time, Female Trouble present Hysterical Hussies… Delighting in the delirious, getting loose and lairy, they’ll definitely be making a scene! 

There will be a fabulous prize for the best dressed – in drag. Come draped in whatever makes you feel yourself from head to toe. And don’t forget the ravishing raffle!

Hosted by your Highness of Hysteria, Alpha Bitesthe finest Hussies in the business will be tearing it up:

Rococo Chanel

Katy Jalili

Olive Hooters Queer Cabaret Drag Artist

Roxie Cleopatra (Bianca Natasha Barrett)

Daphne 10 Year Old (Ellen Grace Stephenson)


Female Trouble policy:

Female Trouble is an inclusive space for people of all genders, sexualities, ethnicities, religious beliefs, and gender presentations. We will not tolerate any kind of homophobia, transphobia, racism, ageism, sexism, ableism, classism, xenophobia, fatphobia, body shaming, biphobia or femmephobia. It’s simple, please respect others!

Komedia is wheelchair accessible, with fully accessible, gender-neutral toilets.

Get your tickets here!

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