“Do it again. Do it right. Do it queer AF”

It’s the right of passage ‘dance’ that brings our school years to an end, filled with teenagers in ill-fitting high street suits and gowns. For many LGBT+ young adults, the prom can be an awkward evening of presenting differently from your true self. The L Word’s Alice Pieszecki sums it up: “I went, it sucked.” Alice got a do-over in the series, and now here in Brighton we do too: the team behind FemRock Brighton present the Winter Queer Prom, coming to Komedia on Fri 12 Jan.

One of the organisers, Vicki Cook, explains, “not many people within our community have a positive prom story. Either they didn’t go to prom, or couldn’t have the experience that they wanted to because of their gender or sexuality, among other reasons.” Because of this, there’s no dress code; you’re encouraged to wear what you’d have wanted to wear to your own prom.

Continuing, Vicki explains her personal motivation, which will be familiar for many of us: “I went to my prom but not before being forced into a long dress, heels, a spray tan and a Debenhams makeover. I spent the entire night feeling so alienated and invisible. I had no idea who I was at this time and was totally oblivious to what a queerdo I was.”

There will be a photo booth to commemorate your prom experience so you can replace that old picture of your awkward school prom that lives on your parents’ mantle piece. A live band will be playing your favourite prom-themed covers, plus performances from local drag superstars and performers. A stellar lineup of DJs includes Alfie Ordinary, Alex Spinks, Jumeau and Rebel Girl. A cocktail of disco, pop, hip-hop, R&B – expect tunes ranging from the 80s to 90s as the soundtrack to your big night. So grab your date and don your crowns, because at this Winter Queer Prom, everyone is royalty!

This is a not-for-profit night and proceeds from the evening will be donated to local LGBTQ organisations that will be voted for on the night.

More information this way..!

Early bird tickets sold out!

Second release tickets here

Prom checklist

Tiaras. Tiaras for everyone that wants one, because you can’t have too many sparkles and at Winter Queer Prom, everyone is a queen or a king!

Horse drawn carriage to make an entrance. There’s fashionably late, and then there’s Southern Rail late. Consider organising a parade to arrive in style if you’re local.

Hip flask. It doesn’t matter what you fill it with, but please bear in mind WKD won’t come out of your clothes.

Corsage. Yes, we’re going full America here… Drape your wrists and fill your lapels with flowers. Werk!

Sissy that walk, girl, it’s the prom.

Tickets available at the Marlborough box office and

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