Kenric members Ali Child and Rosie Wakley from the incredible Behind The Lines present a play known for its raw portrayal of an interracial queer relationship – Scene. Originally written by Lola Olufemi and Martha Krish, producer Ali says, “We were stunned by this touching, funny new play when we saw it at the Edinburgh Fringe in August. We’re delighted that the young writers and cast jumped at our offer to perform it in Brighton.”

Exploring the lives of two women writing a play about their interracial queer relationship in an explosively entertaining way, Ayo and Flo are in love. These women portray the raw emotion of falling in love, and dealing with their differences. While Ayo is black and Flo is white, this production combines comedy with hard-hitting social commentary. A stunning piece of new writing that is heartfelt, engaging and, at times, a laugh-out-loud hilarious portrayal of two women in love rarely seen on stage.

Writers Lola Olufemi and Martha Krish unpick their own bias and creative process, midway through their semi-autobiographical narrative about how they fell in love. Of their work, the couple state:

“We wanted to write this show because there a few portrayals of genuine love between women performed on stage. We hope the show challenges the audience’s understanding of race, gender and sexuality and provokes thought in a way that is hard to ignore.”

Funny, honest and explosively entertaining, this is an exploration of race, gender, sexuality, family and what it means to love someone who doesn’t look like you. 

An hour and 15 minutes of heartfelt honesty, tickets are available from the pub in cash with no booking fee for £8, or £6 for concessions.

Behind The Lines presents Scene
Marlborough Theatre
Sun 19 – Mon 20 Nov / 7:30pm


More information & tickets here!

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