Built around the ontologies of black and queer aesthetics against our current political moment, $elfie$ comes to the Marlborough Theatre on Sat 25 Nov.

The performance reneges the imprints of the contemporary moment, placing them in a state of high-relief. Intelligent choreography begs the audience to look at the world in a different way, a full-frontal approach at displaying life’s emotional landscapes, while pointing out society’s fear of facing these issues head on. Unabashed, unapologetic joyousness, it transforms the advent of political melancholia and ambivalence to extreme forms of desire and violence.

As the name suggests, $elfie$ becomes a mirror, reflecting the audience’s gaze, all the while releasing itself into an existential and resistant aesthetic force: a that force says no to authoritarianisms stranglehold on our present and future aesthetics.

Presented by Marikiscrycrycry, Malik Nashad Sharpe’s choreographic project, $elfie$ has been commissioned by Fierce and The Marlborough Pub and Theatre. Support comes from Arts Council England’s Grants for the Arts and Diverse Actions with additional support from Chisenhale Dance Space, University of Sussex Drama Department and the Centre for Sexual Dissidence.

Don’t miss the after show chat with Malik and acclaimed dance artist Jamila Johnson Small.

$elfie$ by Marikiscrcrycry
Marlborough Theatre
Sat 25 Nov / 7.30pm – £9.50/£7.50


More information & tickets here!


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