Mondays: Four-week courses available on a monthly basis from 8 – 9:30pm

From never-stood-on-a-board-beginner to might-as-well-be-pro, BYC invite adults down to the park on Mondays. Use it as a quieter environment to improve and instructors will be on hand to give advice and support.

Thursdays: She Shredders 6:30 – 9pm

This females only session is available to skaters 13 years and over. The drop-in sessions are fronted by the top UK female skater, Lucy Adams, and welcome all levels of experience in a chilled and friendly environment.

Opening its doors on Edward Street to all, Brighton Youth Centre skatepark is the ideal place to learn or sharpen your existing skills. With a simple yet exciting design, ramps are made of wood – great for beginners and it gives slightly if you fall so is far less painful! Monday tuition sessions are a great one to attend if you’re feeling nervous. If you can bite the bullet and join in with a group of fellow learners, chances are you’ll be flying around the park within the first month. At only £50 for four 90-minute sessions it’s quite a steal. The instructors are very hands on and will notice if you’re feeling a bit timid – or brave for that matter – and do their best to integrate you into the session and teach you the basics. They’ll certainly push you to your limits but soon you’ll realise that it’s just fear in your head that you need to overcome. The skating part comes quite easily after that.

Going in to the She Shredders, and eventually the adult tuition, I was petrified. I thought going along on a skateboard would mean I’d be fine but on entering the park I realised I was going to need a whole lot more practice. To my surprise, an instructor had noticed my hesitancy and purposely fell on his arse – quite dramatically I might add – to make me less scared of stacking it. This actually really helped and got me going. The tuition has helped me conquer a fair amount of the ramps at the park and, after just four weeks, I don’t look like a rabbit in the headlights whenever I glance at the other skaters. In fact, I’ve helped other attendees get over their fears and the favour has been returned. It’s a hell of a social place so just go up to someone and introduce yourself. They’d likely be keen to help you out, and if they can’t grab one of the experienced staff and they’ll help you laugh your way through the bumps and grazes.