Passion4Pole is a great place to start your pole dancing adventure. You don’t need to be in shape, have any upper-body strength or have any dance experience to get going. Passion4Pole owner Chloe Anderson started her journey without any dance or gymnastics experience and got to where she is today with practice and a pure love of pole.

Beginners classes are just £5 for a taster. It’s a social event, especially if you’re sharing a pole with someone. It comes naturally to help each other and you’ll definitely want a friendly face to help spot you when you’re flinging yourself upside down! Don’t let this frighten you: health and safety is always taken into account at Passion4Pole and Chloe is fully first aid trained.

It’s certainly a great workout, pole fitness builds muscle and tones – supporting your entire weight with one arm can be challenging and will build your upper body. It also helps strengthen your stomach muscles and you can expect to see increased muscle definition in bums, arms and thighs.

I attended my first class as Passion4Pole as I’m always up for trying new things. I’m a bit of a slow learner, but once I saw the beautiful moves on the pole I felt driven to keep going. When I joined I felt uncomfortable stripping off. However you can attend your first few classes in leggings/jogging bottoms and a vest top, if you feel uncomfortable wearing shorts. After a few classes you’ll need to use more skin to help you grip to the pole so will need to wear shorts/hot pants. I was happy to do so once I’d noticed how my body shape was changing, all without really feeling like I was exercising. It felt too fun to be described as that! Classes are done barefoot, with the exception of ‘Showgirls’ – a more naughty take on pole dancing where stripper-style heels are strapped on and some sexy moves are taught.

People off all size, gender and orientation are getting involved in pole fitness, after learning of the benefits. It’s a real confidence boost and can make you feel empowered: strong is sexy. I’ve never considered myself a performer, but found myself performing a solo routine on stage, in front of a hundred people within two years of starting pole fitness classes – something I never dreamed I would do.

Both group and one-to-one classes available, Monday-Thursday and Sundays. All classes are 60 minutes.

See passion4pole.com  /  facebook.com/passion4polebrighton for a full list of classes and prices

Group classes are held at Brighton Academy, Unit 2, Hove Business Centre, Fonthill Road, Hove, BN3 6HA