Dubbing their events as “an intellectual playground for the unusual crowd,” Traumfrau is one of Brighton’s most exciting queer nights. Captivating different venues across Brighton & Hove, the highly anticipated nights are always a hot mess of inclusivity and fun. Run by Roni Guetta, the parties took flight in 2012 and haven’t faltered on it’s upward trajectory to stardom.

So, if you’re new to the Traumfrau party, look no further. We had the privilege of attending some of the parties early this year. Starting with the big International Women’s Day blowout at Wagner Hall in March, this was the start of a beautiful relationship between Traumfrau and Stemme Magazine. This night was truly something special, as the team had spent hours of hard work transforming the West Street venue into something magical. Some of the best LGBT entertainers in town graced the stage, while the garden was filled with burning barrels for revellers to crowd around and get cosy.

The crowd was as you’d expect – beautiful, the gorgeously androgynous, femmes, studs, and almost everything in between. Banger after banger heaved out of the speakers (set up inside and out), a unifying rolling bassline underpinning the night’s debauchery. From friendly bar staff, all female security, same-sex toilets and a wonderful sense of acceptance, this is the night to attend if you’re new to, or a pillar of, the queer community.

The expected eclectic and vibrant mix of people in attendance complemented the elaborate decor. Stepping into the venue felt like being whisked off to a whimsical land – especially juxtaposed with West Street in all it’s Saturday night ‘glory’. No two events are the same, and that was clear when we swung by the Traumfrau ACCA takeover the following month.


Heading to the Sussex University campus, we fought our way through gangs of giggling freshers to the ACCA centre. A cavernous venue, it was a brave decision to take a space outside of the city and one so large. The Traumfrau team certainly pulled it off. It was a little empty, granted, but the vibe inside was incredible. With such a lot of space to work with, there were effectively two dance floors. Actually, who am I kidding, the entire place became a dancefloor, and everyone was loving it. Classic and modern hits playing throughout the event, we made good use of the bar and stumbled home at kicking out time. These two events have really stuck with me because of their inclusive feel, and I am thoroughly excited for the next installment of Traumfrau’s Brighton takeovers.

Photos by Alonglines photography